Flight Schools

Are you a flight school looking for qualified instructors? Let Provectus Aviation help you.

flight instructor training for flight schools

The global demand for pilots is at an all-time high and today flight schools are busier than ever. This, of course, means the demand for certified flight instructors (CFIs) is also at an all-time high. Traditionally flight schools have either hired wholly qualified instructors and/or trained them “in-house”.


Today, the ability to recruit flight instructors is difficult and promises to get more difficult in the future for a few reasons. Many flight instructors aren't eligible to teach initial CFIs and if they are, they probably have very little experience doing it. Additionally, flight school instructors should be spending their time teaching students, not other instructors. Instructors training instructors ties up two valuable resources at the same time.


How to solve this problem? That is where Provectus Aviation steps in.


Provectus Aviation Unlimited was formed by professional instructors specifically with these challenges in mind.  Our goal is to help flight schools meet their instructor needs by providing flight instructor, initial, instrument, and multiengine training to your commercial pilot graduates and CFIs.  

With decades of experience teaching instructors Provectus can help meet the CFI staffing needs of today’s busy flight schools!