Provectus Aviation Pricing

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We all like to know what our education will cost prior to enrolling and here at Provectus we understand the importance of knowing that information. On the following pricing pages, you will find a general time it will take to become proficient and the cost per hour for training based on your knowledge-level . For more specific pricing of individual scenarios, please call us, email us or even stop by. We are here to help you and are eager to guide your aviation journey in the right direction!



Below is a list of the training programs currently being offered by Provectus Aviation:

Primary Training

-Private Pilot License

-Instrument Rating

-Commercial Pilot License

Certified Instructor Training
Advanced Training

-Multi-Engine Rating


-Complex Endorsement


-High Performance Endorsement


-Tailwheel Endorsement


-High-Altitude Endorsement


-Technically Advanced Aircraft Course


-Checkride Preparation

Professional Training




-Basic Ground Instructor

-Instrument Ground Instructor

-Advanced Ground Instructor

-Second-in-Command Transition Course


-Multi-Crew Course


-Airline/Corporate Pilot Interview Preparation

-SIC Type Ratings:

Dassault Falcon 50

Cessna Citation 650