Aviation Instruction

Pilot Certificates & Ratings

Provectus provides the highest quality training for any experience level.  We use custom-made syllabi written by experienced professionals to conduct training in an organized and efficient manner .  Whether you are just learning to fly or you are an experienced pilot transitioning to another aircraft, we can help you.  We have instructors with combined expertise in hundreds of different aircraft.  If for some reason we cannot train you in the aircraft you wish to fly, we will gladly refer you to someone who can.  Ask us about our "Guaranteed Pass" Program!!

Instructor Training 

This is one of our specialities and what we are most known for.  Since before Provectus was an organization, the co-owners had been providing CFI training in San Diego for almost 30 years.  Provectus instructors have trained 100's of flight instructors over the years, many of them currently instructing and/or working as corporate and airline pilots.  We have a complete training system that will guide you step-by-step through the process of becoming a FAA Certified Instructor.  You will learn how to develop and implement your own lesson plans, syllabi, and Training Course Outlines.  You will learn how to adequately transfer your knowledge to others and pass on the joy of flying for generations to come.  Ask us about our "Guaranteed Pass" program.  

Advanced Training Endorsements

Many of our instructors are currently employed or previous airline/corporate pilots.  We bring this professional level of training directly to you through our advanced training programs.  No matter how high, how fast, or how technologically advanced you want to fly, we can help you do it!