Shon N.

"I completed my Flight Instructor Initial at Provectus and can say that I am thankful for the experience at this school. Years ago I attempted the CFI course but I did not think that I could become a flight instructor and did not have much confidence about becoming a CFI. After I met Alex I knew that I wanted to learn more from him. I decided to give this instructing thing another try and I could not have done it without Provectus. Megan was my primary instructor and I learned a ton from her. She made each lesson fun as well as giving me the confidence I needed to finish. Alex, Scott, Megan and An-Katrien were not only professional but also taught me how to be a CFI. The day of my practical test I was more than prepared and went into the checkride with confidence. I have since started my Flight Instructor-Instrument with Megan and look foreword to finishing the rest of my CFI ratings here. Provectus has the best CFI’s around and they really care about the success of all their students."   


Frederik C.

"Before I went to Provectus, I started training somewhere else that caused nothing but frustration. It was so bad that I was rethinking the feasibility of my aviation dream. I shopped around for a place that could do my CFI Initial well and properly as my last shot. There are a lot of places that promise you it can be done in a shorter amount of time or cheaper price, but I still ended up with Provectus. After I met with Scott and Alex, I knew that they are very passionate about teaching students, especially training good, quality flight instructors that can teach a student well. Not those 0 to hero certificate mills that train students to just pass the checkride without knowing anything more. As I have experienced various instructors in multiple 141 and 61 places, I can tell the difference between a good and a bad instructor. At Provectus, I have learned a lot of techniques and heard lots of real-life stories of being a CFI from Scott, Alex, Megan, AK and Todd. My primary instructor, Megan, made my lessons enjoyable and taught me a lot more things that I have never heard of from my previous training. Furthermore, Megan and AK gave me a lot of feedback during the training for improvement. I have never felt so confident for a checkride before, because of the things that I have learned from the team. The whole team made me felt belonged to their aviation family and helped me pick up the joy of flying again. Thank you Provectus for all the training."

Andrew L.

"Throughout my aviation career I have received training from numerous companies, Provectus has by far been the best experience. They took me from being a commercial pilot to achieving every instructor rating (CFI-I, MEI) and adding my first SIC (second in command) type rating. Never did I think that as a low time pilot I would have the opportunity to begin flying corporate transport jets and feel comfortable while doing so. Provectus provides quality training with successful results and tangible opportunities to thrive as a pilot in any area of aviation you may be interested in pursuing."

Levi R.

"I completed my CFI, CFII, and CPL multi add on with Provectus instructors and could not be happier with the product that they offer. Because of their instruction, I have the confidence to teach safely and make future safe well-trained aviators. Because of my experience with Provectus, I am now flying jets as a First Officer for a D.O.D. contractor with the Navy. Provectus provides quality and is setting a new industry standard for flight instruction."


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