Frederik C.

"Before Provectus I had long contemplated giving up on aviation. I am thankful for the positive environment and quality teaching that led to successful outcomes on my check rides. Provectus is not a place of empty promises (which occurred at other CFI outfits), they truly specialize in CFI training and know how to get the job done. Their passion for teaching is evident and their experience assures your success. 


"I joined Provectus while I was finishing my commercial license and couldn't be happier with the switch. Provectus has been my saving grace for aviation training.  Its team of instructors and staff have really helped me change my overall outlook on training and commitment. Megan is my primary instructor and she is nothing but supportive, knowledgeable and always available if I need help.  I look forward to every lesson with Provectus."    

Levi R.

"I completed my CFI Initial , CFI-I & CPL multi add-on with Provectus, I walked away from training with the necessary confidence to effectively teach, stay safe and be competitive in the market. I now fly for the D.O.D. in a Lear Jet and was able to have a smooth transition due to the foundation Provectus provided.  If you aren't training with the best, you won't be competitive in today's market. 10/10 recommend!"

"Provectus showed me what professionalism in aviation is by always setting strong examples. Having their reputation attached to my training helps make me competitive in the industry. Any future ratings I work towards will be with Provectus!"


"Provectus is the best training I've experienced hands down in my aviation career.  They provide you with the knowledge and insight not only learn, but to fully understand the "why" we do what we do as pilots.  I did my CFI and CFI-I with Provectus, not the easiest licenses sought.  Provectus gave me two important things: first, the knowledge, skill and confidence to go into my check rides feeling more than prepared and second, they taught me how to actually be a good instructor, not just how to pass a checkride."